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Metin Negrin founded Lexin Capital and was among the earliest investors in opportunistic real estate strategies in the 1990s.

Lexin Capital is an investment firm that serves a global client base and makes direct investments in real estate. We focus on providing opportunistic real estate investments to a select group of private and institutional investors.

Entrepreneurial in nature, our firm’s interests are totally aligned with those of our investors. Our firm acts as managing partner and invests a portion of the equity required in each transaction.

Lexin has been able to attract a diverse base of investors, many of whom have previously invested with Mr. Negrin. Our client base encompasses high net worth individuals and family offices as well as strategic investment partnerships.

Company Information


Our talented staff of property managers are equipped to manage the most complex property portfolios. Marketing, maintainance, and long term planning are all included in our basic services package. Please contact us for more information on these and other services.


Our experience includes investing in distressed debt situations with real estate as collateral, residential and commercial developments in various markets as well as direct investments in income producing assets and real estate securities.

Principals have diverse experience and a strong investment track record investing across a wide range of real estate.

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For all media inquiries please contact Mike Nunez, Special Events & Marketing Manager via email at [email protected]